Monday, December 28, 2009

Jervis Bay

We decided to take a road trip after Christmas up to the South Coast of New South Wales, specifically Jervis Bay. White sand beaches, beautiful blue skies and a laid back atmosphere make this one of our favourite spots in Australia.

The kids enjoyed playing in the water and in the sand.
The boys each got boogie boards for Christmas and everyone had a go on them.

One of our favourite past times on the beach was building 'snowmen'. We felt a little bit bad missing out on the cold and snow of the Northern Hemisphere, (okay we didn't really feel bad, but at least we were thinking about y'all freezing in the north) thus our attempts at snowmen in some of the whitest sands on earth.

Our laying out snowman!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Down Under

We were excited to be in Australia for another Christmas. We had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed the warm weather, whilst the Northern Hemisphere was blanketed in snow.
View of our Christmas tree and a large cruise ship in Port Phillip Bay.
We had lots of Santa interaction this year, starting with a visit to the local library where Jared informed everyone "That's not Santa, he's just a man!"
We then went to the Queen Victoria Market to visit Santa in his red tent, his very red tent.
And finally, we visited with Santa at John's office Christmas party. He sang and danced and was by far the most energetic Santa that we have ever seen. However, Jared was not fooled and came and whispered in our ear that he was still just a man.
We also went downtown to mail our Christmas letters to Santa (which we didn't have with us at the time and so sent them by email). This Christmas tree is downtown on Swanston Street with St. Paul's Cathedral in the background.
Christmas Eve we went to our friend's home where we all had a go bouncing in the 'Supabounce' bounce house. It rained and the kids were soaked, but we all had a great time.
Christmas morning brought many fun gifts and lots of smiles.
Our favourite shot of the day shows just how occupied and quiet the children were, which was an awesome Christmas gift in and of itself.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Great Ocean Road - #6

There is only one thing that would make Jenny go on the Great Ocean Road again and that is a visit from friends. And so on December 13 we went again for the sixth time. Let me just repeat we have gone on the Great Ocean road SIX TIMES in less than a year. Thanks Deena and Christian! ;-)

We did have a couple of firsts or 'bests' on this trip. It was the first time someone threw up from car sickness (two others were sick as well). It was the first time we visited Stevenson Falls, which was brilliant.
It was the best trip for spotting Koalas.
The best Kangaroo spotting as well! These Kangaroos inhabit Anglesea Country Club, there were dozens on the fairways and greens.
Overall, the Great Ocean Road was beautiful as always and a trip that Jenny would make again, just as long as you come all of the way to Australia! But you better hurry, you only have 6 weeks before this offer ends.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shopping Down Under

It is bizarre that every purchase is rounded to the nearest five cents, but sale percentages are as follows.

St. Kilda Pier & Fairy Penguins

From our windows we look out over St. Kilda, an eclectic neighbourhood filled with interesting people, fantastic restaurants and little fairy penguins. We decided to spend an evening down on the pier watching the penguins return to their homes. It was a gorgeous night with no wind, which is rare in Melbourne.

A view of downtown from the pier.

St. Kilda Beach
The Fairy Penguins were amazing. Each day they are out in the bay feeding and then return to their nests at night.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jared's Birthday!

Jared celebrated his 3rd birthday in December. He was quite keen to have his birthday and gifts because during the previous two months we had celebrated Colin, Brooklyn and Isabella's birthdays. He was patient during their birthdays and birthday parties though and enjoyed the spoils of the parties, but it wasn't the same. All that day he kept informing us that because he opened his presents that meant he was 3. However, the rest of the month he reminded us that he had only had a little birthday and he was ready for his big birthday (party).