Sunday, August 7, 2011

Texas Vacation - San Antonio

We stayed in San Antonio for three nights and spent one day at Schlitterbahn. It was blistering hot, but we all had a good time.

We also went to the Alamo and spent some time on the Riverwalk. One of the interesting things about being in Texas is the huge amount of Texas history taught in school. Almost a greater amount than US history.

The Riverwalk was beautiful, but hot. One of the neat things about the Riverwalk is that you can go down many different channels and have a different experience each time.

Our last day we went to the San Antonio Zoo. Surprisingly the animals were mostly active, especially our four!

One of the highlights for us when we go to zoos is to see all of the Australian animals. Here is a Cassowary. Seriously ugly birds, but really cool as well!

Our drive home felt long. Jenny always likes this church, but because of the flow of traffic never really gets to take a picture, luckily this trip she got to take many. (Did I mention how long the trip was? Traffic was a beast!)

This was Jared's expression for the greater part of the trip home. We must not have been giving him enough to eat!!!

Texas Vacation - Austin

Two of our favorite shows on TV are Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network and Man v. Food on the Travel Channel. Right before our vacation we watched Man v Food about Austin and so I needed to go and try out Round Rock Donuts and Salt Lick. (We also went to Dough Pizzeria in San Antonio, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives)

The Original Salt Lick located out in the country. Far out in the country.

John is currently traveling to Austin each week and so we joined him one night before heading to our final destination in San Antonio. We headed down to Congress bridge to watch (and listen to) the bats come out at twilight.

The Bell Tower was directly across the street from our hotel.

The State Capitol

The next day we rented a ski boat on Lake Travis. The girls had a blast on the tube and could have been out there for hours! The boys...not so much. Both John and Jenny got out on skis. It was a lot of fun.

We ate at Berryhill's Baja Cantina, a favorite restaurant of ours from Houston. It has fantastic fish tacos.