Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After traveling for almost 24 hours we made it home to Texas from Australia. This picture of Jared was taken in the huge party limo that picked us up from the airport complete with two TVs, and lots of amenities. The nicest of them all was air conditioning! Doesn't Jared look tired? Not even close to how John and Jenny looked.

Colin was able to go to his first Cub Scout Day Camp and loved it.

We spent many, many hours hanging out with Jay, our highly motivated Realtor. He definitely kept the kids entertained.

All of the kids took swimming lessons and they have definitely paid off for Bella and Jared. They were lucky enough to have their friend Shawn in their class.

The girls participated in a cheer camp with their friends, Brooklyn and Ella.

And finally, Jenny celebrated her birthday with a delicious cake at the end of the month. It was awesome.

Really, the main blessing in June was being back among our friends in Texas. We missed them all so much during our two years abroad. Can you tell from all of the pictures that I took?